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Ryan Spencer Colt
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    Hi my name is Ryan Spencer Colt. I am the owner and founder of Audio Xplosion Entertainment., a connecticut dj company based in southbury ct.
I was born September 8th 1985 into a very musical family. I have three sisters,  all of them are singers including myself.  My sisters and I were raised in the theater and film industry.  I spent 8 consecutive years starting at age 5 at the Warner Theater doing plays including Annie, Oliver, Peter Pan, The music man and more.  My sisters and I also have combined over 150 Television commercials that we have been featured in.

My story starts when I was young, I was also lucky enough to be born into a family that was full of business owners and entrepreneurs. I was quickly taught at a young age the value of working for one's self.  My first "business",  I started at the age of 10 years old.  It was a common business for any young boy to start. I walked up and down my street asking my neighbors if I could mow their lawns for just two dollars.   I had a whapping 5 customer base, but never the less I had my first taste of responsibility and money making.

When I was in 9th grade of high school, some close friends of mine began a band much like millions of other 9th graders all over the country. However these kids wanted to do it right. Instead of looking for places to get shows we figured lets host the shows! We started to book bands for the weekends at a teen center in New Milford CT. Everyone took on a job. Some chose to help bands load in and organize equipment, one chose to be an MC.  There was a ticket checker and a treasurer.  I chose to learn how to run sound and lighting. That's where my life in this Industry really began.

By the time I hit my junior year at Pomperaug high school Southbury, CT.,  I was big into the business.  it was all I thought about!  I even did yard work for a big time producer in Bethlehem,  Ct.  Michael Vescera, just  so he could teach me recording tricks and more about the mixing board and sound quality.

When I was at my Junior Ring Dance,  that's when it hit me. “I have all this equipment for bands, I should be Djing” oh it's so easy I thought, just play music! Well I was dead wrong!!  My first job was at the Junior Ring Dance at my then, old high school the year I graduated.  Needless to say it was a disaster!

I could have quit! It would have been the easy way out. But instead I decided to put my dreams for owning a company on hold and got a job with one of the largest DJ and Sound Companies in Ct. “Earn while you learn” that's my motto!!!  I was trained in all the different aspects of djing, ceremonies and cultures. I remained in that job and worked my way up in the company for three years where I learned a lot about the business. 

Now with my passion for the business and the training I received thru various other companies, I began to create in my mind what my company would be like, how it would run, what we would own and most importantly what was our motto going to be. I decided on Buying the best of the best,  where some companies would say “hey, get what works, Get what's gonna cost you the least and still get you paid!”  Now that may be a good motto for most, but I strongly disagreed. I wanted to revolutionize the industry. Give people a taste of what would normally only be reserved for the richest of events.

DJ Ryan Anderson. (Andy) is part of the AXE family because of his unparalleled love of music and his passion for getting any crowd going.

He graduated from Full Sail University with a degree in Recording Arts. Whether it is live or in the studio, he is an integral part of making sure the listener's experience is one that won't soon be forgotten. His ear is perpetually planted to the ground; trying to find the newest artists and songs. "Genre" makes no difference to Andy, as long as the song moves something inside the listener.

A lover of meeting new people and being a part of unique experiences, he is as approachable and fun-loving as anyone. Always determined to have a great time, Andy is the perfect DJ for any occasion.
D.J.  Ryan Anderson (ANDY)
D.J.  Dave Dwyer
My name is David DwyerI have been a disc jockey since the summer of 2002, my freshman year of high school.  I fell in love with the thought of being a DJ when my parents hired a friend to DJ my 8th grade graduation party.  There, I saw how much fun everyone was having and realized it was because of him and the music he was playing.  He had the power to keep the party going and make everyone enjoy themselves by choosing music that fit the occasion.
At that moment I realized that I wanted to be doing this too.   As he saw my excitement grow, he invited me to come with him on his next few jobs.  There, He was able to show me the ropes and what it took to be a great DJ.  After going on those few gigs with him, I knew this was the life for me.

I bought myself a Basic DJ kit in 9th grade and started DJing parties for family and friends. This gave me the confidence to be in front of a crowd and experiment with all different types of music.  I learned what it took to keep a party going and to share my excitement of music with others.

Later on in high school,  I met Ryan Colt.   He told me he had the same love for music and that he was starting an entertainment business, called Audio Xplosion Entertainment.  From that point on, I was in.  I became an Audio Xplosion Entertainment disc jockey.
As a DJ, one of my favorite things to do is to discover new music.  Whether it is rock, pop, hip hop, country or any other type of music, "Genre", I want to hear it, play it and make others excited about it too.  Music is my passion!
As a member of the the Audio Xplosion team for over 8 years now, my favorite part of Djing is being able to look out at the crowd and to know that  it is me that has the power to keep everyone dancing and having fun.
If there is new music out there to be played I want to be the one playing it, and the one making your event, one to remember.